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Published on January 20th, 2016 | by San Dee Doxtdator



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from Insane Media:

In this article we’ll look at the latest documentary from Independent Media Solidarity, The Life of Adam

It has now been over 3 years since the events at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut captured the world’s attention. While the family members of those allegedly slain continue to lobby for their individual causes – be they related to gun control, mental health reforms or attempting to restrict the limits of free speech – the average person has long since moved on. Not so for the members of Independent Media Solidarity.

The Life of Adam

The members of IMS, to this point, are best known for their work on the groundbreaking documentary
We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. You may view the documentary and read commentary from the producers at the preceding link.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Based on the success of WNTTASH and a strong desire to know more about the Sandy Hook event the members of IMS almost immediately began researching ideas for their next Sandy Hook related project. Perhaps not surprisingly their focus fell on the person allegedly responsible, Adam Lanza.

The Life of Adam

I reached out to MrStosh, who along with Peter Klein produced The Life of Adam, for some insight into their choice of topic.

Why did we focus on Adam Lanza you ask? Well, for a variety of reasons. Number one is obvious. He is the central character. To the majority of the public he is considered the perpetrator of a horrific event, but to more inquiring minds, Lanza is the patsy, the scapegoat.

By breaking down Adam Lanza’s life into four major parts – His education, his medical condition, his family, and his connection to the crime scene(s) – we were able to note major discrepancies in all of the above. Why is this? And what does this all mean?

Well, the way the documentary is structured, we left it open to the viewer to make up his/her own mind. The primary reason we didn’t come to any overwhelming conclusion is because of the fact that essential documents are deliberately being withheld from public perusal. That in itself is a conclusion, and therein lies the true crime – the denial of the public’s right to know.

If Lanza was truly the murderer, there would be no reason to withhold his records, photos, and documents.

The life of Adam Lanza is littered with anomalies, contradictions and apparent fictions. Attempts to retrieve further information on him and his life have been an effort in futility, more likely to uncover animosity, threats and harassment than any actual information. Everything from something as important as his genealogy to something as innocuous as where he went to school is up for debate yet authorities continue to stonewall.

Even after being instructed to release information asked for through freedom of information requests authorities continue to obstruct.

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